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Welcome to Eunpyeong-gu of Seoul
Office Building

Main Building

Main building - 7F, 6F, 5F, 4F, 3F, 2F, 1F, B1F
7F Department of Planning and Budget, Department of Family Policy, Eunpyeong-gu Operational Detachment, Educational Center, Conference Room, Resident Participation Committee Room, Rooftop Garden
6F Office of the Head, Office of the Deputy Head, Office of Chief of Bureau of Administration and Safety, Office of Chief of Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of Chief of Bureau of Resident Welfare, Office of Chief of Bureau of Traffic Environment, Office of Chief of Bureau of Urban Construction, Civil Affairs Office, Department of Administrative Support, Director for Governance, Eunpyeong-gu Policy Inspection Team, and Planning and Monitoring Room
5F Department of Road, Department of Water Conservation, Department of Green Park, Eunpyeong Hall, Lounge for Female Staff, Smart City Integrated Control Center, Public Servants’ Labor Union, Street Cleaners’ Labor Union
4F Department of Housing Regeneration, Department of Urban Planning, Department of Urban Landscape, Department of Architecture, Department of Resource Circulation, Department of Environment, Information and Communication Room, Administrative Resources Archive Room, Vehicle Support Room
3F Director for Audit and Inspection, Director for Public Relations, Department of Autonomy and Safety, Department of Smart Information, Department of Culture and Tourism, Department of Civic Education, Department of Life Sports, Civil Servants’ Labor Union, Waiting Room, Special Judicial Police Group, Eunpyeong-gu Broadcasting Network
2F Office of Chief of Bureau of Finance and Economy, Department of Finance, Tax Department 1 and 2, Department of Land Management, Department of Job Economics, Director of Cooperation and Coordination, Council for Democratic Peace and Reunification, Department of Social Economy, Job Center
1F Department of Civil Affairs and Passport, Department of Housing Regeneration (civil services for rental business owners), Department of Traffic Administration, Department of Parking Management, Human Rights Center, Control Room, Eunpyeong Small Library, Raon Toy World, Eunmaru Nanum Cafe
B1F Cafeteria, Senior Barber Shop

Gu Council

Gu Council - 7F, 6F, 5F, 4F, 3F, 2F, 1F
7F Conference Hall, Executive Waiting Room, Conference Preparation Room, Broadcasting Room, Resources Archive Room
6F Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary-General, Council Secretariat, Open Lounge
5F Finance and Construction Committee, Conference Room for the Finance and Construction Committee, Steering Committee, Administration and Welfare Expert Members, Finance and Construction Expert Members
4F Operating Committee, Administration and Welfare Committee, Conference Room for the Administration and Welfare Committee
3F Department of Welfare Policy, Department of Childcare, Volunteer Corps
2F Department of Living Welfare, Department of Senior Welfare, Conference Room
1F Department of Welfare of the Disabled

Community Health Center

Community Health Center - 5F, 4F, 3F, 2F, 1F
5F Department of Health Promotion, Department of Health and Medical Services, My Doctor Clinic
4F Director’s Office, Department of Health and Hygiene, Vehicle Support Room, Health Education Center, Education Resources Room
3F Mother and Child Health Center (Vaccination Room, Prenatal Care Center, Office of Visiting Nurses for Infants and Children, Nursing Room, Mom & Kids Zone, Nutrition Plus Room), Oral Health Center, Oral Health Education Center
2F Laboratory Medicine Center, Diagnosis and Radiology Center, Bone Densitometry Center, Infectious Disease Center, Health Checkup Center
1F Medical Civil Service Team, Eunpyeong Health Care Center (Medical Office 1 , Medical Office 2, Metabolic Syndrome Care Center, Health Care Planning Center, Physical Fitness Center, Exercise Counseling Center, Nutrition Counseling Center, Smoking Cessation Counseling Center, Physical Measurement Center, Dispensary)

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