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Welcome to Eunpyeong-gu of seoul
metropolitan Goverment Republic Korea



As an internationally rare natural park located in a urban area, the area of Mt. Bukhansan was designated to be 15th national park of Korea by Korean government to preserve the beautiful natural sceneries and cultural resources and to supply pleasant investigation service. The area of the national park is about 78.5km2 around Seoul and Gyeonggi-do province and the national park centering the ridge of Wueryung is divided into the area of Mt. Bukhansan in the south and the area of Mt. Dobongsan in the north. Over twenty million people in the national capital area resort to the park areas as natural relaxing

Mt. Bukhansan Mountain climbing Course in Eunpyeong-gu

Gugi Course
Gugi Turnnel -> Gugi Valley -> Daenammoon
Bukhansansung Course
Gupabal -> Hyojar i -> Wonhyobong
Bulgwang-dong Course
Samcheonsa Temple Valley -> Bibong Ridgeline /Jingwansa Temple Valley -> Bibong Ridgeline / Bulgwangsa Temple ->Bibong Ridgeline


Gugi Course
20minutes from Bulgwang Station (3rd Subway Line) : Public bus +Walking
Bukhansansung Course
20minutes from Gupabal Station (3rd Subway Line) : Public bus + Walking

Bukhansansung (Bukhan Mountain Fortress Wall)

As No. 162 historical relic of the nation, Bukhansansung (sansung means a mountain fortress wall) has a path up the mountain of Bukhansan. Considering the history of the mountain fortress wall, the original fortress wall of earth was constructed for the first time by the people of Baeje in the fifth year of King Garoo in Baeje dynasty (132). Through the experiencing of Imjin-waeran (Korea-Japanese War in 1592) and the civil war (1636), the construction of the present sized mountain fortress wall was completed in the 37th year of King Sookjong of Joseon dynasty (1711) due to the necessity of the mountain fortress wall for the protection of the north district. The fortress wall was constructed with the representative feature of Joseon dynasty and it is harmonious with the sharp physical aspect of the mountain. In addition, the podiums installed on the fortress wall command good sceneries around the circumstances and the podium in the east has been restored so that the visitors can feel wonderful taste of the restoration.