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Welcome to Eunpyeong-gu of seoul
metropolitan Goverment Republic Korea

Public Transportation

5. Eunpyeong, Center of Transportation (2 Tasks and 2 Projects)

As a medium-and long-term project, Eunpyeong promotes GTX, allowing users to reach Samseong Station from Ilsan in 20 min., New Bundang Line that passes through Eunpyeong New Town, and extension of the light rail in the northwestern part of Seoul so as to solve traffic problem.

2 Tasks and 2 Projects
Task 1. GTX via Eunpyeong
Project Title Fast transportation, Expanded Economic, Social, and Cultural Scope Dept. in charge
Overview Promotion of GTX via Eunpyeong connects the northwestern part of Seoul with southeastern part, which can contribute to balanced reginal development and reduced commute hours Traffic Administration
2 Tasks and 2 Projects
Task 2. New Bundang Line and Extension of Light Rail
Project Title Increased Public Transportation to Alleviate Traffic Congestion Dept. in charge
Overview Improved assess to the center of Seoul from the northwestern part, and alleviated traffic congestion through enhanced public transportation networks and traffic welfare programs Traffic Administration