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Welcome to Eunpyeong-gu of seoul
metropolitan Goverment Republic Korea

Job Creation

2. Development of Quality Welfare Programs and Quality Jobs (3 Tasks and 6 Projects)

During the 6th term Eunpyeong-gu created jobs for honest and sincere people. Donut World by senior residents, Rumble-Tumble Woodworking Shop, Eunmaru Cafe, and Online Environment Guard are examples of such jobs created by Eunpyeong-gu.

During the 6th term, we will continue the efforts with new ideas to create quality jobs for residents.
- Eunpyeong Citizen College, designed to develop experts for a community, and Dong Community Service Centers will be incorporated into Village Welfare Hub Center
- And a community management corporation, which supports village companies, cooperatives, and social companies, will create quality jobs for the residents.

In particular, we're planning to create 50,000 jobs tin relation with development of Susaek Station Area, Creative Economy Complex, Medical Tourism Complex, and Village Welfare Hub Center.

3 Tasks and 6 Projects
Task 1. Development of Village Experts
Project Title Establishment and Operation of Eunpyeong Citizen College Dept. in charge
Overview The college will be run in alignment with other educational facilities with the purpose of assisting users to find a job Education & Welfare
3 Tasks and 6 Projects
Project Title Youth Council to develop future human resources for the community Dept. in charge
Overview The council allows feedback from teenagers to be reflected in youth-related policies through official decision-making processes Education & Welfare
3 Tasks and 6 Projects
Task 2. Smart Dong Community Center
Project Title New Village Welfare Hub Center Dept. in charge
Overview The previous community center is converted into the Village Welfare Hub Center, which provides customized practical welfare services and creates jobs through joint efforts of the residents, public employees, and those who need welfare services Welfare Policy
3 Tasks and 6 Projects
Project Title Eunpyeong Masil Jobs specific to each village Dept. in charge
Overview Creation of jobs specific to each village (dong) in order to discover job opportunities in an area close to the residents Autonomous Administration
3 Tasks and 6 Projects
Task 3. Eunpyeong Welfare Model
Project Title Previous Facility Management Corporation is reorganized as Community Management Corporation Dept. in charge
Overview The new Community Management Corporation creates jobs by supporting social companies, village companies, and cooperatives, as well as offering better services Planning & Budget
3 Tasks and 6 Projects
Project Title City of Cooperation Driven by Social Companies Dept. in charge
Overview Sustainable and stable management of social companies will provide drive for further growth of the city Job Policy