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Welcome to Eunpyeong-gu of seoul
metropolitan Goverment Republic Korea

Regional Policy

  • Introduction of public participation budget
  • Expansion of real-name policy
  • Holding Eunpyeong UCC contest
  • Conducting Free meal for Elementary and middle school
  • Additional open of academic high schools(2)
  • Youth Center (exciting after) open
  • Activating sports for all
  • Doubling municipal child care facilities
  • Making National Institutes of Health site as children's multi-cultural complex
  • Developing private hospitals as municipal general hospital
  • Opening My Doctor Clinic for the elderly
  • Building delivery center of traditional markets
  • Established job-creating social enterprise
    (Feed Support Center 'Irang Food", Detached house management company,'Toad House')
  • People-friendly redevelopment: rebuilding business promotion
  • Constructing joint parking lot utilizing park underground space, etc.